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UPVC Spray Painting in Surrey

UPVC spray painting is one of the latest techniques in which existing uPVC surfaces are coated with a layer of special fresh paint. A spray gun is used to spray the surfaces with a fresh coat to improve their appearance with a striking and attractive touch. Professional handling of this task is crucial to getting a perfect finish with the use of a good-quality spray gun and the right type of paint.

Kitchen Painters provides the services of uPVC spray painting in Surrey, adding lustre and vigour to your kitchen space. We work on revitalising kitchens, bringing in refreshing colours, warmth, and serenity all together. Catering to all kinds of projects, our team of experts emphatically upholds precision, quality, and the highest industry standards.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfect outcomes for every project we undertake.

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UPVC Spray Painting Surrey

What Advantages Do uPVC Spraying Have to Offer?

uPVC spraying offers numerous benefits, which include:

  1. Increases the lifespan of surfaces on which it is sprayed.
  2. Enhances your property’s value by transforming and updating the interior space.
  3. Provides a perfectly gleaming finish on all surfaces.
  4. Adds character and sophistication to your kitchen space with a contemporary touch.
  5. Makes the surfaces durable and tough, providing a shield against potential dents and scratches.
  6. Offers resistance against the impacts of UV light and weathering, reducing the risk of surface deterioration.
  7. Comes with quick and swift drying and curing time, causing minimum disruptions to your routine activities.
  8. Saves you money on replacing different kitchen surfaces, making it a cost-effective and affordable option.

How Do We Work?

Our registered experts follow these steps for kitchen painting or repainting to achieve the desired results with a perfect finish:

  • Start by preparing the surfaces to be painted, such as kitchen cabinets.
  • Ensure the surfaces to be sprayed are clean and dry.
  • Remove the loose silicone from all surfaces.
  • Clean all the surfaces thoroughly to remove the accumulated grime.
  • Rub the surfaces by using a fine abrasive to make them smooth and allow better paint adherence for a fine and level finish.
  • Mask the areas that do not require spraying.
  • Cover all decorative items and ornaments with protective sheets or remove them from the kitchen, ensuring their protection.
  • Spray all the surfaces carefully, avoiding drips and over-spraying.
  • Apply three coats of paint.
  • Allow the paint to dry and harden.
  • Check the finished work, ensuring to achieve a flawless finish.
  • Remove the masking and replace the accessories that were removed.
  • Clear the entire space of equipment and debris before leaving your property.
upvc spray painting

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As the leading contractors in town, our company houses fully licenced painters who are well-versed in the quality of work they deliver. By refinishing the entire space, we help you transform your kitchen with renewed style and colour. We offer bespoke services to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of every client and ensure their satisfaction.

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The cost of uPVC spray painting is ultimately determined based on the project’s size and job complexity. Some of the factors which play a crucial role in deciding the final cost include ease of access, the number of items to be sprayed, required repair work before spraying, and the type of finish.

uPVC spray paint lasts for almost more than 10 years, providing value for your invested money.

You can revamp your kitchen space with uPVC spraying rather than replacing the surfaces. This technique offers an affordable, convenient, and cost-effective option to breathe new life into your kitchen and improve its appearance. It makes this technique worth investing in.

Yes, the uPVC spraying technique is an eco-friendly option as it reduces the need to replace different surfaces, which ultimately leads to less waste production and resource consumption. It extends the lifespan of surfaces on which it is sprayed, reducing your overall carbon footprint. Moreover, it is a low-VOC paint and does not emit harmful chemicals, thus contributing to better indoor air quality and keeping you and your surroundings healthy.