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Spray Painting in Woking

Looking for a reliable solution to restore your old kitchen furniture and countertops? From countertops to cabinets, our experienced team of specialists at Kitchen Painters offers bespoke kitchen spray painting in Woking. Bid farewell to old, worn-out, or chipped surfaces!

Our skilful refinishing methods will revive your furniture to like-new condition. Don’t spend your money on replacements—contact our licenced and registered company today for professional spray painting in Woking.

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Repainting Is an Excellent Alternative to Renovating

Homeowners may find it difficult to decide whether to paint or renovate their kitchen. One of the most affordable methods to give your kitchen a brand-new appearance is to repaint your kitchen cabinets and other essential surfaces. Here are a few reasons why a kitchen respray in Woking is the best option for changing the overall appearance of your cabinets:

  • Restores the aesthetics
  • Outstanding kitchen appearance
  • Quick and effective process
  • Easy to maintain
  • Saves money otherwise spent on renovation
  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Cheaper than a new kitchen

How Does Our Kitchen Respray Work?

Our experts have the expertise to update your kitchen with a cost-friendly respray solution, usually completed in the sequence below:

  1. Preparing the Kitchen: Our professional team removes all the cabinet doors and drawers that need repainting.
  2. Kitchen Protection: We use plastic film, masking paper, and adhesive tape to cover the kitchen’s surrounding areas during spraying.
  3. Priming: We prime to get a knot- and grain-free sticky surface that the following coat easily adheres to, creating a smooth surface that lasts.
  4. Paint Spraying: We use the best quality lacquer and advanced spraying equipment for a durable, factory-like finish on cabinets and countertop surfaces.
  5. Drying and Curing: After painting, our specialists leave the surfaces to dry, then remove the mask and clean the kitchen for immediate use.
  6. Taking Care of Refinished Items: Items that were removed, such as doors and kickboards, are taken for finishing touches and spraying.
  7. Re-installation: Once our contractors complete and review their work, they re-install drawers, cabinet doors, and hardware, adjusting as needed to ensure maximum performance.

What Sets Us Apart?

Need a time-effective solution to give your kitchen a fresh look? Connect with Kitchen Painters for bespoke kitchen painting in Woking.

  • Experienced Specialists: Our multifaceted team consists of professionals who master the art of reinvigorating kitchen cabinets and counters to perfection.
  • Cost-Effective Services: Say goodbye to costly replacements! Our professionally trained and registered specialists offer competitive solutions with no compromise on quality.
  • Expert Repainting: Our professionals ensure the best results as we restore the beauty of your kitchen with precisely executed refinishing methods.
  • Quick and Effective Process: We are aware of the significance of productivity. Our process is fast and efficient, not affecting your daily activities, and we deliver top-class results.
  • Easy Maintenance: With our kitchen respray service, you not only have a newly refurbished kitchen but also convenient and effortless maintenance.
  • Wide Range of Options: We use different colours and finishes that make your kitchen unique and reflect your style.

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Kitchen Painters houses licenced professionals who love to assist you with the best. Contact us today for a free quote, and get ready to love your space again!

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Homeowners may find it difficult to decide whether to paint or renovate their kitchens, but the investment is well worth it. Painting your kitchen cabinets is the most affordable method to give your kitchen a brand-new appearance.

An affordable substitute for a complete kitchen makeover is a kitchen respray. It is around 27% less expensive than a kitchen remodel, which typically costs roughly £8000.

Depending on several conditions, resprayed kitchens can last anywhere from five to fifteen years. The quality of the materials utilised is the main determining element. Premium paints and primers can achieve a longer-lasting and more resilient finish. Furthermore, the proficiency of the expert performing the respraying is essential.

The layouts of most kitchens are quite similar; the variance lies in the size and complexity of the design. If your kitchen is still in decent shape, then the answer is definitely yes.